“Black” KDrama – The First Ten Episodes

How do you decide which drama to watch next? There’s just too many out there and most of the time it’s so hard to choose that I just decide to re-watch my faves. This time, I went for “Black” because I haven’t seen any of Song Seung Heon’s work since Autumn in My Heart. I also thought that a pairing with Go Ara was an odd choice. And so now that the show is halfway done, I want to tell you guys what I think about this drama.

Synopsis :

Grim Reaper 444 took over Han Moo Gang’s body to be able to live among humans and locate his missing partner. Kang Ha Ram, on the other hand, can foresee a person’s death because she can see black shadows with them. Because of multiple threats to Han Moo Gang’s life, Grim Reaper 444 decided to uncover the secrets of the body he possessed and locate his partner at the same time with Kang Ha Ram’s help.

Cast :

Song Seung-heon as Han Moo-gang (Detective) / Black (Grim Reaper #444)
Go Ara as Kang Ha-ram
Lee El as Yoon Soo-wan
Kim Dong-jun as Oh Man-soo

Since we are already on the 10th episode, I will also give you ten points(fact or opinion) about this drama.

  1. “Black”(18 episodes) started airing on October 14, 2017 at OCN every Saturday and Sunday 10PM Korean Time.
  2. This drama’s main genre is Thriller. It’s actually a bit graphic (although they blur it out) and there’s a lot of violence in it. (Episode 10 : Animal Cruelty)
  3. This is a detective drama but you’ll cringe at how they handle their evidence. Like, Gibbs would give them the head slap a lot. I don’t they know about Gibbs’ rules.
  4. This is far too different from Goblin to even compare. The idea of how one becomes a grim reaper is definitely copied but the story and genre are totally different.
  5. If you came here looking for romance, you’ll be disappointed. Go Ara and Song Seung Heon couple did not work for me.
  6. Go Ara’s acting is, once again, awkward. She did so well on Reply 1994 and her performance on You’re All Surrounded was also great. Shouldn’t she be better by now instead of getting worse?
  7. Song Seung Heon was great but their attempt at comedy was pathetic it made me laugh. (Was that too harsh?) He’s an amazing actor though. They should leave the comedy to Go Ara.
  8.  The plots and subplots are good and was able to satisfy my cravings for mystery. I even solve the crimes with them.
  9. Kim Won Hae is currently a “hot item”. He’s also on While You Were Sleeping.
  10. The OST’s are amazing!

This really isn’t about the drama, but what do you think about Go Ara and Lee Jong Suk pairing? Lee Jong Suk, I think, can be paired with almost every actress unlike Go Ara who barely has chemistry with other actors. I want to see them on a drama together. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading. Ciao!


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