Black (2017) Review

As this drama came to conclusion, I can’t stop thinking about the song “Let’s Twist Again.” Lol.

Let’s twist again
Like we did last summer
Yeah, let’s twist again
Like we did last year
Do you remember when
Things were really hummin’
Yeah, let’s twist again
Twistin’ time is here


This drama is unbelievably full of twists and turns. It would have made my head spin but surprisingly it got me hooked and I couldn’t stop watching. Just when you thought it’s over, IT’S NOT! The writer must have been having fun. It felt like three or four dramas combined into one.  It was hard to follow because there’s too much going on. There are times they mention a character that I don’t remember anymore. Plus, the ending was CRAP!


My rating is 5/10. I happen to love mystery as  I mentioned on my previous blog. If you’re into fantasy and thriller genres, please go ahead and watch the show. Who knows? You might enjoy it better that I did. If not, please think thrice before watching.


To read my thoughts on the first ten episodes, please click ~

“Black” KDrama – The First Ten Episodes


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