The Moon That Embraces the Sun Review

Synopsis :


Crown Prince Lee Hwon lost the Crown Princess and first love Heo Yeon Woo before their wedding. When he became King, he met shaman Wol who is Yeon Woo’s look-alike. He had long suspected that Yeon Woo’s death might not have been due to illness and he finally decided to investigate. However, his enemies found out which prompted them to organize a coup to remove the King from the throne.




Kim Soo-hyun as King LeeHwon / King Taejong

Yeo Jin Goo as Crown Prince Lee Hwon

Han Ga-in as Heo Yeon-Woo / Wol

Kim Yoo-Jung as young Heo Yeon-Woo

Jung Il-Woo as Pring Yang-Myung

Lee Min-Ho as young Ynag-Myung

Kim Min-Seo as Yoon Bo-Kyung

Kim So-Hyun as young Yoon Bo-Kyung


This drama is set on Joseon era but has no historical basis. I already mentioned on my past blog that I love historical dramas because of its political plot and this drama has mixed that with romance and a bit of fantasy. To me, it was a perfect mix.


The Moon Embracing the Sun received high ratings in Korea and won a lot of awards. This is one of my favorites, obviously, since I’ve watched it three times. Kim Soo-Hyun even won his first Best Actor award for his role on this drama . When I first saw this, I realized how great of an actor he is. If I am to make a list of good actors (my opinion) combining Hollywood, South Korea and Philippines, he’ll definitely be on my top 10.


This drama established Kim Soo-Hyun as a top artist and at the same time launched the then child stars ~ Kim Yoo-Jung, Kim So-Hyun and Yeo Jin-Goo~ into stardom. Their acting was impressive even in such a young age that it’s no wonder why they’re receiving awards left and right. Han Ga-In is a great  actress in her own right and was already a household name at the time. She did really well on her portrayal but to me it felt like she didn’t completely own the role. It’s easy to imagine the part being portrayed by someone else. Even so, I really hope to see her again in the small screen. I think she’s been very busy being a mom. Jung Il-Wo will always find its way to your heart whether as a lead actor or just a supporting one. Beware! High probability of contracting Second Lead Syndrome. Lol.

The story-line is actually very simple but intense. It’s all about the Crown Princess journey back to where she belongs. Unlike historical dramas based on real events, this one has a happy ending. I can guarantee your hearts will not be broken and you’ll find yourself in cloud nine after watching.

I’m giving this drama a 10! Please remember that my ratings are always about entertainment ~ the full package. I don’t know about the technical stuff about production. My rating is about how satisfied I am about the whole thing. As I already mentioned, I’ve seen this drama multiple times because to me it’s engaging and I loved the story specially the ending! Hope you love it like I do. Ciao!


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